Cleaning of genuine carpets and carpet washing in Copenhagen

Get the carpet's beautiful colors and patterns back

Cleaning of genuine carpets and carpet washing

When you entrust your genuine carpet to us for cleaning and washing, your carpet will be in good hands. We assess the condition and quality of your carpet, and you will receive a status update on the possibilities and results of the cleaning and washing before making your final decision. The assessment applies to both kilim carpets and knotted carpets.

Professional cleaning and washing of your genuine carpet prolongs its lifespan, brings the colors back to life, and restores the carpet’s original sound and intensity, making the beautiful patterns stand out clearly. Moreover, washing reduces wear and tear because dirt dries out the carpet, causing wool fibers to wear and break more easily.

Cleaning and washing of genuine carpets cost DKK 390,- including VAT per square meter. The price includes the professional assessment and description of your carpet.

Rensning af ægte tæpper får nyt liv i farverne og giver glæde i boligen. Når et ægte tæppe renses, så bliver det næsten som nyt.

Cleaning of genuine carpets and carpet washing at Wiinstedt Tæppegalleri

Cleaning of genuine carpets and carpet washing

Washing of Kelim and genuine knotted carpets

To maintain the beautiful colors, luster, and quality of your genuine rug, it is essential to take good care of it. This applies to both kilim rugs and knotted rugs.

The frequency of how often you need to clean your carpet, depends on placement and its usage. It can be challenging to determine when it needs to be cleaning, since dirt and dust often accumulate slowly over time.

However, when you rug begins to look dull or tired, or has visibly dirty areas, it’s time to have it cleaned and washed. This counts for both Kelim rugs and knotted carpets.

You can clean and wash your rugs yourself, but its important to know what you are doing; otherwise, you risk damaging your carpet. That would be terrible shame, as a carpet is something special.

Proper washing and cleaning of carpets

Your carpet undergoes a high-quality washing that is not just a superficial cleaning, but a thorough deep cleaning.

Before washing, we ensure that dirt, dust and sand are beaten out of the carpet. This is important for the carpet’s lifespan and the quality of the subsequent wash, as sand grains, for example, can wear out the carpet from the inside and thus reduce its lifespan.

However, in very dirty carpets, even after a thorough wash, there may be remnants of dirt that has not been completely removed from the carpet due to its density. This is extremely rare, though. After carpet beating, we provide a pre-treatment for all stains on the carpet, which is part of the preparatory work before the carpet washing begins. This special process often results in all stains being removed or reduced with a beautiful result.

Rens af ægte tæpper kombineret med tæppevask er en investering i din boligindretning.

A small carpet laundry in Kashmir, India. Filmed by Boris Wiinstedt.

A small carpet laundry in Kashmir, India. 

Pre-wash with special soap and 8 hours of drying

First, your genuine carpet is pre-washed with special soap, that is adapted to the content lanolin in the wool, so that the carpet maintains its unique strength and texture. Then, the main washing process starts, which is a manual process that takes place on the floor. After the main washing, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed and pressed.

The final stage of the process is drying. The wet carpet is taken to our drying room, where it will hang for about 8 hours at a temperature of over 55 degrees Celsius. The high temperature ensures that moths and dust mites in the carpet does not survive. Finally, the carpets result is examined. If there are still remaining stains, they will be treated, and the carpet will be washed again, with no additional costs.

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