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Our history

The oldest carpet store in Denmark

Erling Wiinstedt founded the store in Copenhagen, during the war, in 1943. After 38 years of being located in the center of Copenhagen, he moved to the current location on Strandboulevarden, Copenhagen, in 1981. This new location had beforehand housed a wine merchants store, and there still some old decorations left, with inscriptions to remind the reader of joys of wine. Whether it’s kilim, Persian or other vintage carpets, Wiinstedt has always sold the handmade carpets of the highest quality and with a high artistic level.

Three generations of carpet dealers

The children of Erling Wiinstedt, Jane Wiinstedt and Thomas Wiinstedt, was from an early age taught about carpets and tutored in the art of dealing them by Erling Wiinstedt himself. They learned about the appraisal, the repair and last, but not least, the cultural background of the carpets.

Thomas Wiinstedt opened later his own carpet store in Hellerup, and Jane Wiinstedt opened a carpet workshop in Østerbro, in Copenhagen. Jane Wiinstedt’s son, Boris Wiinstedt Zeichner, has always been around in all three stores. Today he is the proprietor of his grandfather’s store, as a 3rd generation carpet dealer. Boris Wiinstedt Zeichner is today considered one of the most knowledgeable carpet-experts in the country.

Erling Wiinstedt

The founder of Wiinstedt

100 years with Carpets

The founder of the carpet store Wiinstedt is Erling Wiinstedt. He was born in 1913 and died 100 years later. But he is still today, a legend amongst serious buyers and dealers, where he was known as “The man who knows everything about carpets”.

An apprentice at 18
Erling Wiinstedt’s road into the world of carpets, began at age 18, where he apprenticed in the carpet store “Brodde og Wilhelmsen”. Later he helped build up the auction house Herholdt Jensen, and in 1943 he established his first carpet store in Copenhagen.

He had stores in various locations around Copenhagen, including Dronningens Tværgade, Ny Østergade and Holbergsgade. In the last 32 years of his life, he dealt, repaired and appraised carpets from the store’s current location, on Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen.

60 years of apprasing and by-hand manual repair of genuine carpets, gave Erling Wiinstedt a amazing knowledge of quality and technique in all types of carpets. He was therefore, of course, an honorary member of the Society of Oriental carpet art.

Boris Wiinstedt Zeichner

Proprietor of Wiinstedt

Carpets from birth

Boris Wiinstedt Zeichner is 3rd generation and current proprietor of Wiinstedt. He is Cand. Mag in religion-sociology and chairman in both the Society of Oriental carpet art and the Association of Oriental carpets.

The first year of his life, Boris lived in the backroom of his grandfather’s store in Copenhagen, as his parents was without a roof. The smell of carpets has followed him ever since. As a child and as an adolescent, he came to the store daily. Here he watched the everyday work of appraising and repairing, and he learned much from his mother and grandfathers’ vast knowledge of materials, colors and handicraft.

Studies and fieldwork
During Boris university studies in religion-sociology, he was on several anthropological and religion-sociological journeys doing fieldwork. His studies and travels have added another layer understanding of the cultural context of the carpets. Since then, Boris has substituted the fieldwork with business trips to purchase carpets for the store. He has founder and bought carpets in many countries, including Turkey, Marrocco, Iran, Uzbekistan, China and India

Third generation
Boris inherited the store from his grandfather Erling Wiinstedt, in 2009. They worked side by side in the store until Erling Wiinstedt death, at 100 years old, in 2013. Boris’ mother Jane Wiinstedt, still works with Boris in the store with repair. Boris is almost always available in the store, unless he is at a costumer’s house showing them carpets or out traveling, looking for more carpets to bring home.

The family


Tæppe konservator

Martine Simonsen

Martine Simonsen is married to Boris Wiinstedt and is educated in textile and design, and is a brilliant conservator.

Tæppe konservator
2. generation.

Jane Wiinstedt

Was the proprietor of the workshop Samarkand, which restored genuine carpets and has since been helping in Wiinstedt.


4. generation

Oskar Zeichner

Oskar helps around the carpets store and has a flair for the noble art. He was from an early age taught about carpets and taught in dealing them.                                 


2. generation

Thomas Wiinstedt

Thomas was the proprietor of Wiinstedt Kelim og tæppegalleri in Hellerup until 2015. The store was known for its vast collection of old kilim carpets.
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