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Foredrag med Jon Terry

Torsdag d. 20. april – 2017

Foredrag med nyligt tilflyttede amerikaner Jon Terry, som har været i tæppebranchen en del år, og som nu har oparbejdet en fin tekstilsamling. Vi har aftalt, at han deler det op, så han også kommer i efteråret. Det skal for en god ordens skyld siges, at foredraget foregår på engelsk.

Om Jon Terry:

Here is a short writeup introducing myself, as well as the topic for the upcoming textile and rug gathering.

For over thirty years, Jon Terry of J. H. Terry Gallery has been a dealer of fine antique textile art, collectable rugs and bags, as well as ancient sculpture and ceramics from various cultures of Central and South Asia. A long time gallery owner in Seattle, Washington, Jon and his Danish wife, Eva, have recently relocated to the Lønstrup area of Northern Jutland.

For this event, Jon will be discussing and sharing part of his collection of antique and vintage silk and cotton embroideries known a Phulkari and Bagh. These beautiful and refined textiles once formed an important part of the bride and groom’s dowry, but have become a lost art and dying tradition in the Punjab area of India and present day Pakistan.

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